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Openoffice.org 2.0 isn't released yet.  I would use the 1.1.3 version
instead, even on windows.  But, if you want openoffice.org2 fire upp
synaptic and install "openoffice.org2".  You'll get version

For firefox, remember that in ubuntu the 1.02 version has bugfixes
from 1.03 and 1.04 in it. So it's in some ways closer to 1.04 than the
vanilla 1.02.

I'd ask my self, why do I want to upgrade my firefox/openoffice.org?
Do I really need/want any of the new features? Do I have any problem
with the current version that's fixed in the new?

If not, why upgrade. The higher version number doesn't automatically
make it a better piece of software.


On 5/26/05, John French <cjf@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Please could one of you kind people explain to me, as a newbie,
> something which I haven't understood.
> On Windows, I am using :
> OpenOffice.org 1.9.97
> Firefox 1.04
> On Hoary, to which I am moving, I find :
> OpenOffice.org 1.1.3
> Firefox 1.02
> Now I can understand that the ubuntu builders would not have wanted to
> delay Hoary by rebuilding every time there is a new application release.
> So, on Windows, I would download, and install, that myself. And it
> doesn't seem a very tough job to do the same on Linux. But I detect that
> this may not be wise, because I read postings asking when ubuntu will
> release such and such a new component. So am I advised to upgrade
> myself, or not ?
> John French
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