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Hi again, ubuntu-ers!

I've finally got ubuntu loaded on the old laptop, and because of it's
limited resources, I'm running wdm and icewm-session from universe,
rather than the default gnome/gdm combination.

There are two minor annoyances that I'd like to clear up:

First, I can't reboot the machine from the login screen.   There are
four items listed in the options dropdown Login, Reboot, Halt,
ExitLogin.  With a valid user ID and password, Login works just fine. 

However, Reboot, Halt and ExitLogin fail with an error message 'Reboot
Failed' and the like.  I suspect they want the root user ID and
password, but in the spirit of ubuntu, I don't have nor want a root
password configured.  

So, how to convince the wdm login window to accept my user login (or
even just console access) as credential enough to be able to shutdown
the machine?

Second, the login graphic is a debian logo.  Can this be changed to a
ubuntu logo?  If so how?  


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