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systemd-resolve/NetworkManager changes (17.10 -> 18.04)

Em 22/05/2018 06:17, Liam Proven escreveu:
> I'm glad you found an answer and please I assisted in some way.
> I didn't probe too deeply when mine failed. I did a few tests, worked out
> that both Ethernet and Wifi were connected and working, I could ping hosts
> on the LAN and in the wider world, and that it was just DNS that was
> failing. Then I googled how to fix that, and the 2nd suggestion (I think)
> worked.
> I blame systemd, but then, when almost anything goes wrong on a modern
> Linux box, I blame systemd.

In this particular case, I actually believe that NetworkManager is the 
one to blame. One thing I noticed is that, although the systemd-networkd 
service was disabled and its settings not loaded, systemd-networkd was 
actually running, probably started by NetworkManager (just like NM used 
to start an instance of dnsmasq in previous releases).