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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On 18/05/18 11:18, Liam Proven wrote:
> It _might_ be possible to buy pre-modded clock chips now. Might be worth
> asking. The machine sounds historic!

The machine is certainly historic. I looked for replacement chips but
didn't find any, but that was a year or two ago. I should check again.

> I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm attempting to teach advanced
> egg-sucking to a grandparent. ;-)

My first grandchild is due in October :-)

> EPEL and the like can fix that, not? I faced the same issue about
> 5-6y ago, and I think that's how I got round it.

We found fixes, certainly, but our Systems people really don't like the
idea of hand-patching all the relevant servers and creating a forked
procedure for keeping those patches up to date. My task is to persuade
them that the bottom will not fall out of the universe if we use Ubuntu
Server instead of CentOS :-)