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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On Thu, 17 May 2018 at 00:32, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:

> I did, but it too failed to install properly on the Dell XPS 15,
> although it got further than everything else bar Mint, and I did
> actually use it for a day or two before I realised that Moksha is even
> more out of date than the E in the Ubuntu/Mint repos.

Well, yes, but intentionally so, AFAICT.

> I'm prepared to put up with that by staying one or two versions behind.

Fair enough.

> I was a devoted 4.1.3 user until the Millenium when I jumped with the
> rats from the sinking ship and moved all production to Linux. My
> SparcStation IPX (Ireland's first web server) is still sitting in my
> office, awaiting the day which will now never come when I can find out
> how to restore the battery-backed config to life and get it to boot.


I gave away my IPX but the hack is well-documented, e.g.


The ClassicCmp.org mailing list can also offer help, and maybe SunRescue.

> Messy, but the decade of stagnation meant that it had a long way to
> catch up.

Fair point.

Enlightenment is now the standard desktop on the Samsung Tizen
embedded/mobile Linux:



... so I hope it will thrive.

> I missed them, unfortunately. I ditched Fedora for Ubuntu many years ago.

Probably wise! :-)

> I now have to start making a case to move all the work servers from
> CentOS6/7 to Ubuntu server so that we can have up-to-date versions of
> our LAMPS stack, against resistance from some people who value
> "stability" over utility. But that's for next week...

Ah yes. Another common problem.

If you stay current, CentOS isn't so bad, I suspect.

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