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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On 16/05/18 10:20, Liam Proven wrote:
> If one were to read between the lines, I was passing sad and ironic comment
> on how the file manager from v2 of GNOME works well whereas the one from v3
> of GNOME is widely regarded as crippled in various ways.

I did :-) but restrained myself...

> Ah, yes. Mind you, Enlightenment is a fast-moving target.

Yes, but so far I have managed to keep pace.

> You might find it interesting to look at Bodhi Linux, which is the only
> Ubuntu variant I know of to be based on Enlightenment. 

I did, but it too failed to install properly on the Dell XPS 15, 
although it got further than everything else bar Mint, and I did 
actually use it for a day or two before I realised that Moksha is even 
more out of date than the E in the Ubuntu/Mint repos.

> However, because Rasterman keeps releasing new versions without 
> working all the wrinkles out of the old ones

I'm prepared to put up with that by staying one or two versions behind.

> I would also point out that Rasterman pulled the same trick that the
> maintainers of Solaris and Java did:

Yep, saw that.

> SunOS 4.x was renamed Solaris.

I was a devoted 4.1.3 user until the Millenium when I jumped with the 
rats from the sinking ship and moved all production to Linux. My 
SparcStation IPX (Ireland's first web server) is still sitting in my 
office, awaiting the day which will now never come when I can find out 
how to restore the battery-backed config to life and get it to boot.

> This rapid incrementation after a long period of stability has displeased a
> lot of people so there are now maintained forks of E16, E17 *and* the
> current version.

Messy, but the decade of stagnation meant that it had a long way to 
catch up.

> It's the default on XFCE on some distros, e.g. Fedora. It is also
> the default desktop style on Elementary OS, and one of the basic
> choices when installing LXLE. This is not something new -- it's been
> the case for about a decade.

I missed them, unfortunately. I ditched Fedora for Ubuntu many years ago.

I now have to start making a case to move all the work servers from 
CentOS6/7 to Ubuntu server so that we can have up-to-date versions of 
our LAMPS stack, against resistance from some people who value 
"stability" over utility. But that's for next week...