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Difficul;ties with trying to install and use tv adaptor

Bret Busby wrote:
> On 16/05/2018, Nils Kassube <kassube at gmx.net> wrote:
> > Bret Busby wrote:
> >> So, a couple of hours later, it started working again.
> > 
> > But did you replug the device before it started to work?
> Yes, I had done that, a number of times, on each computer.

OK, then maybe the firmware load works only sometimes, which is of 
course strange.

> >> It appears to take a couple of hours, for the software to detect
> >> the
> >> device and the signals.
> > 
> > Which is quite unlikely IMHO. It only takes a few seconds for a DVB
> > device to be available for the applications. I'd rather suppose a
> > problem with the USB connection. As there seems to be a problem with
> > two different machines, I would expect the problem to be at the
> > device or the USB cable and not the computer.
> With both computers; one having an i7CPU and 32GB of RAM, and, the
> other having an i3CPU and 16GB of RAM, whilst it may appear to be
> neither credible nor rational, it does take about two hours, for the
> software to detect the device, and, to detect the television signals.

As it takes so long to find the device on both machines, I would suppose 
that the device is faulty. Kaffeine or MeTV should detect it within a 
few seconds after it is inserted. Receiving a TV signal is another 
story, but at least the device should be found.

> That much, I have managed to figure out - by waiting a couple of
> hours, it works (inasmuch as it does work).
> Both computers have the USB port used for the device, next to a USB
> port that is used for an external HDD.
> The i7 system needed for me to use a hub for the TV tuner device, as
> the molding around the metallic part of the USB plug on it, is too
> wide to fit into the USB socket when the adjacent USB socket is used.

It would be better to use a USB extension cable instead of a hub.

> However, on that computer, I was able to kind of use Kaffeine (it did
> display the video from the television channels, and, it did detect two
> of the television networks, whereas, on the i3 system, it did not do
> either), but, as mentioned previously, the sound was weird, as
> previously described. That weirdness of the sound, applied to both
> Kaffeine and MeTV, on that computer.

Is the sound OK if you play a DVD of if you watch a youtube video on 
that machine? I think it is unlikely that the sound is only weird with 
the TV device because sound and video are mixed in the DVB stream.

> > Another reason for problems would be a USB hub if you use one. All
> > the TV devices I had so far wanted to use the maximum available
> > current from the USB port and there would be nothing left for a USB
> > hub. So if you use a USB hub, try to connect the device directly to
> > the computer.
> As mentioned above. The i3 computer does not involve a hub, in the
> connection of the TV tuner device to the computer. Only MeTV works
> with the TV tuner device on that computer, and, it detects only one
> network of the five networks and a standalone (community) television
> channel.

The inferior reception quality may be caused by the antenna location. If 
you move the antenna something like 20 cm it could make a big