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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On 15/05/18 17:08, Liam Proven wrote:> Caja is the Maté file manager.
Maté is a fork of GNOME 2; as such Caja is a
> fork of GNOME 2's version of Nautilus.

Thank you...always nice to know the origins. Main thing is, it seems to
work without annoyances.

>> I have moved to Enlightenment for this reason (among others).
> Fair enough. On Bodhi Linux or directly from the repos?

At the moment, under Mint, because it was the only OS variant that would
install correctly on this laptop (Dell XPS 15). But Enlightenment and
Terminology are installed from additional repos from niko2040 because
the main once are seriously out of date.

> I feel I have to point out that virtually every vaguely modern-ish desktop
> out there can do an auto-hiding dock on the side or bottom of the screen
> plus a panel at the top: Maté, GNOME 3, Unity, Xfce, LXDE, KDE, you name it.

That's good. I moved to Enlightenment quite a few years ago so I haven't
checked back to see what others offer. Perhaps it's because E has it as
the default, but on others it's a switchable option.