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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On 14/05/2018, Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 14 May 2018 at 15:15, Ian Bruntlett <ian.bruntlett at gmail.com> wrote:
>> That is a pity as I was looking forward to using GNOME.
> I agree.
> https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gnome-desktop-icons-removed-3-28
> I fear I am not popular with the GNOME development team, as I have
> expressed my dislike clearly, asked awkward questions and been a nuisance.
> :-(
> Some people like it a lot, but compared to where it was 10 years ago, when
> it was *the* dominant graphical desktop for free UNIX, what has happened is
> a tragedy, IMHO.
> Every free Unix OS offered GNOME 2 -- as well as all Linux distros, it was
> on OpenSolaris, on FreeBSD, on Darwin, everything.
> GNOME 3 ended that.

Which led me, upon being advised, to switch to the MATE interface,
which I have since been using, and found satisfactory.

Whilst I still use GNOME and KDE applications, on top of MATE, the
MATE interface, with the particular theme and configuration that I
use, itself, is satisfactory.

Hopefully, UbuntuMATE (I understand that the MATE interface is
avalable also on BSD's) will not change the interface, and, will stay

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
 Chapter 28 of Book 1 of
 "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
 A Trilogy In Four Parts",
 written by Douglas Adams,
 published by Pan Books, 1992