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Ubuntu 18.04 - GNOME - Desktop icon conflict

On Mon, 14 May 2018 at 15:15, Ian Bruntlett <ian.bruntlett at gmail.com> wrote:

> That is a pity as I was looking forward to using GNOME.

I agree.


I fear I am not popular with the GNOME development team, as I have
expressed my dislike clearly, asked awkward questions and been a nuisance.

Some people like it a lot, but compared to where it was 10 years ago, when
it was *the* dominant graphical desktop for free UNIX, what has happened is
a tragedy, IMHO.

Every free Unix OS offered GNOME 2 -- as well as all Linux distros, it was
on OpenSolaris, on FreeBSD, on Darwin, everything.

GNOME 3 ended that.

Now, it's true, there is more choice than ever -- but also more
fragmentation and less compatibility. And most of the current offerings are
just Windows clones. I think what has happened is very sad.

> I also use Lubuntu and, If Lubuntu's move to Qt works out OK, looks like
I will use that exclusively. And it gives me the opportunity to write some
Qt applications as well :)

I have heard good things about Qt. I tried LXQt on openSUSE and it is not
really ready for use yet, IMHO. YMMV.

On my work desktop I have switched to Xfce. I find it a little more
configurable and customisable than LXDE.  On my work laptop I am
experimenting with Cinnamon. My home machines still run Unity and I am not
sure what I will switch to next.

> Thank you :)

Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention.

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