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mythtv package developers for Ubuntu packages

Am Sonntag, den 13.05.2018, 17:44 +0800 schrieb Bret Busby:
> Hello.
> From posts on the mythtv mailing list, an inconsistency between the
> general mythtv software and the mythtv packages for Ubuntu, appears
> to
> have been advised, about which, I am advised, I should ruise a bug
> notification with the package developers.
> However, in the Ubuntu Software Centre information displayed about
> mythtv, the "Developers website" link points to mythtv.org.
> So, I am wondering whether the developers of the mythtv packages for
> Ubuntu, happen to be subscribed to, and, involved in, this list?

ogra at acheron:~$ apt-cache show mythtv|grep ^Maintainer
Maintainer: MythTV Ubuntu Maintainers <ubuntu-mythtv at lists.ubuntu.com>

try that mailing list instead ...

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