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Difficul;ties with trying to install and use tv adaptor

13 May 2018  at 18:37, Bret Busby wrote:
Re: Difficul;ties with trying to in (at least in part)

>I do not know whether it is an incompatibility with nouveau, or
>something else, but, I decided to try running Kaffeine, and, to see
>what happened, and, it kind of partially worked, but I could ne access
>the television broadcasts..

>Kaffeine detected the device, and, after messing around with some
>aerial connections, and, configuration settings, I goy it to scan,
>and, it found two of the five (?) available free to air networks, and,
>found most of the channels for them, but, in having added the scan
>results to the box on the left side, and, selecting one of the
>channels, I do not know how to view what is being broadcast on the
>television channel.

IIRC you need to add some extra codacs, but it does (or did here) throw a 
dialogue telling you which and may even atempt to download for you (it's been a