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Difficul;ties with trying to install and use tv adaptor

Bret Busby wrote:
> I do not know whether it is an incompatibility with nouveau, or
> something else, but, I decided to try running Kaffeine, and, to see
> what happened, and, it kind of partially worked, but I could ne access
> the television broadcasts..
> Kaffeine detected the device, and, after messing around with some
> aerial connections, and, configuration settings, I goy it to scan,
> and, it found two of the five (?) available free to air networks, and,
> found most of the channels for them, but, in having added the scan
> results to the box on the left side, and, selecting one of the
> channels, I do not know how to view what is being broadcast on the
> television channel.

To view TV you should close the window where you scanned for the 
channels. Then at the kaffeine start screen select the digital TV button 
and it should display the first channel.

If that works, you can try to scan again with the antenna at a different 
location (I suppose you use the small whip antenna which probably came 
with the device). If you are not really close to the transmitter, the 
antenna location may be critical.