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Silly me... I think I may have succumbed to a possible phishing email...

I clicked on a link inside what I thought was a follow-up email sent to me
about a job application. If you want to know what the link was, you'll find
it here <http://adtrk.tw/tp/t2i.3NMC-JFn_t3rt_Jkp_I_f_K>. I don't recommend
clicking it, because I don't know what it does; I supplied it merely in
case someone could inspect the link and advise. I tried to reply to the
sender and apparently the recipient's email server cannot be contacted.

Now, it appears that a whole swag of downloads are failing when I try to
connect to get patches. Eventually I get a dialogue window that displays
"Failed to download package files.". My internet connection is fine because
you received this email.

Could my troubles with the software updates be related to link I clicked on
the email? Should I perhaps do a complete reinstall of my Ubuntu?

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