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trackpad issues in Ubuntu 18.04? (NOT new click behavior)

I upgraded my Macbook Pro II from Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04 (not reload
from scratch).  This is a native install of Ubuntu (dual boot with
MacOS).  Ubuntu 17.10 had no issues at all.  For 18.04 things seem
mostly fine except for one fairly infuriating problem: my trackpad now
"freezes" while I'm dragging it.

If I move the cursor around (dragging with one finger) at some point
(sometimes almost immediately, sometimes after a few seconds) it will
freeze in place and won't move anymore, until I pick up my finger and
put it back down again.  That's annoying enough, but when I'm trying to
drag-select text this just unworkable: it often fails to get through
the entire drag-selection without freezing and I have to start over.

Note I have always been using the Mac-style trackpad and this is not
(as far as I can tell) related to the new change regarding mouse click
areas.  This happens when I'm not clicking, just moving the cursor.

It also _feels_ like sometimes keyboard holds are freezing as well; for
example if I'm holding down CTRL-ALT and using arrow keys to move
between desktops I think sometimes I lose keyboard inputs.  This I'm
not sure about though, it doesn't happen often enough.  It could just
be I chorded the keys wrong or something.  The trackpad issue is
absolutely real and easily reproducible.

I've kind of lost track of what packages are involved here and I've
searched for similar issues but found nothing.  Also I see nothing of
interest in journalctl output etc.  If anyone has ideas or pointers I'm
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