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Should dhclient be running all the time?

I have a laptop running Ubuntu 17.10 (well, actually xubuntu but that
makes little difference to this) and I have a problem with dhcp.

The problem occurs when I move the laptop around and have to change
from one router's WiFi to another (we have quite a big house). What
happens is that dhcp seems to fail when connecting to the new router
and the WiFi on the laptop has no IP, DNS or default route.  I do the
change manually using the Network Manager applet, i.e. I 'Disconnect'
wireless and then 'Connect' to a different SSID.

I've noticed that when this happens there is no dhclient running,
trying to run it from the command line it just hangs.  Usually if I
wait a minute or two and then retry the wireless connect everything
works OK.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong?

Chris Green