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Protecting a file from accidentally being sent.

Am 02.05.2018 um 14:14 schrieb Owen Thomas:
> ...
> Ubuntu should have something that behaves like Win95 shortcuts ...

Why? In Ubuntu the force is with you;-)

Linux has its roots in Unix (no offence intended, I know when Linus 
published the first code ), Windows 95 is a long way off.
I don't know what Microsoft's OS can do now.

For your purpose you want "symbolic links", which can link to a file or 
a folder.

ln -s (where you want to go) (where you are)

An example: use the console in you home folder

mkdir test1

copy whatever you like into it,
now the link

ln -s ~/test_1 test_2

if you now go into test_2, you will see all in test_1

man ln tells you more.