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ThreadStack Project: a new innovative open source software for multi-thread computing

Hi Erkam,

On 1 May 2018 at 22:45, Erkam Murat Bozkurt <erkam.murat.bozkurt at gmail.com>

> Not surprisingly, application development with the ThreadStack is much
> more easy than the classical C++ threading libraries thanks to the its
> autonomous management system. Currently, ThreadStack runs only on Linux
> based operating systems. In the near future, it will be runnable for the
> other operating systems. An academic journal submission has been performed
> for the study and the scientific introduction of the project will be
> readable from an academic journal as soon as possible.
> I believe that I can improve my knowledge and my software may be better
> with your advices. ThreadStack can be downloaded from sourcefource and
> link is given in below.

I don't do C++ these days. Have you heard of the ACCU? They are heavily
into C++ and have an e-mail mailing list accu-general. It would be
definitely a good idea to join accu-general and seek guidance there. IIRC
some of the C++ committee are subscribed to accu-general. See [1] for
information on subscribing to accu-general.



[1] https://accu.org/index.php/mailinglists

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