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Query about parasitic firefox file

On Friday 23 March 2018 13:06:14 Liam Proven wrote:

> > I won't use the word sabotage, but for me, firefox took a running
> > swan dive into the deep end of the pool at the 51-52 transition and
> > forgot how to swim, no longer playing the MSM's news videos with any
> > regularity for me.
> I don't know what "MSM" is but that sounds like a Flash problem or
> something.
Main Stream Media, like cbsnews.com etc. None of which have any 
conservative bloggers except FoxNew.com's Hannity.

> Around 52 is the time that background tab rendering came in, the
> forerunner to Electrolysis, i.e. multiprocess Firefox.
> That might have been a factor.
> I switched to Waterfox. All my old addons still work, it's quick, and
> it's getting security fixes. I hope it survives.

Waterfox? Not in the wheezy repos. URL?

> I've explained to Bret how to do it, but he won't listen to me.
> I have also explained to Bret that:
> * he doesn't have enough disk space

Which I'm sorry to say is his major problem.

> * he'd get more if he merged some of his data partitions
> * how to do that
> * the vital importance of working from a booted live medium when
> working on changing partitions
> * that Firefox hasn't been sabotaged, but it has changed
> * that he could revert to the ESR version, or switch to Waterfox
> In return, he has complained to me and others that:
> * websites are broken, without telling us that he has globally
> disabled Javascript.
> * that his browser is sabotaged
> * that his distro is sabotaged
> * that evil mysterious factors are conspiring against him to sabotage
> his computer
> My reluctant conclusion is that Bret is delusional and paranoid, and
> he is unwilling or unable to take advice, and he will not supply the
> people trying to help him with direct, honest, open answers.
> So I have now stopped trying to help him.
> Reluctantly and sadly, I suggest that others do the same.
> If his paranoid rants continue, I will set a filter to just mark him
> as read.
> > I am trying to be, but I'm not PC enough to ignore whats taken place
> > in the firefox releases for Linux of late.
> Web browsers are right at the sharp end of Internet security.

And seem to be self-sharpening. :)

> Mozilla is the only major full-platform FOSS browser. Chrome is not
> FOSS although it's based on FOSS. Others are not full-platform -- e.g.
> they don't implement JavaScript, making most of the modern web
> unusable.
> Mozilla is trying something brave and new:
> [1] It's trying to catch up with and outcompete commercially-sponsored
> rivals such as Chrome (from Google) and Safari (from Apple)
> (E.g. switching to a multi-threaded architecture)
> [2] It's trying to do this, in part, by rewriting large chunks of its
> browser in the new, type-safe language Rust, instead of the horribly
> insecure and error-prone C or the horribly complex and error-prone C++
> [3] Due to #2, it is removing large chunks of the browser that it
> considers obsolete. E.g. the XUL engine that was used to render the UI
> and which was the platform for most add-ons. It's gone and most addons
> don't work any more.
> All these are laudable ideas.

If something that just works was brought in, so the basic functionality 
continues.  But it appears from here that wasn't in the plan.

> However, one of the main reasons I used Firefox was its
> customisability. Most of that is now gone.
> So Mozilla's efforts have driven me away from the browser, sadly.
> Currently I'm using a fork. I may switch browsers, e.g. to Opera or
> Vivaldi.

Opera is a no show, and isn't vivaldi a clone of chrome from China?
> > firefox I understand has new
> > parents,
> No, that's Opera.
Ahh, can I blame that on oldtimers? :)

> > and apparently seem to be concentrating on the windows users.
> Again, no.
> > If they break firefox for OSS, it seems to be a shrug to them. If
> > they cared, it would get fixed. The net result is that I now use
> > palemoon as my default browser.
> Well, I've switched to.
> Perhaps in time some of the addons will catch up, and indeed, some of
> the websites. It's a big change and it will take time to stabilise.
> They're not there yet.

Thats true, and while the video's generally work in PM, they also freeze 
for a couple secs now and then.

Take care Liam, and don't ever get to close to the PC crowd. I've heard 
theres not a cure for it. :(

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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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