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copying all chrome config data to different user

On 22 March 2018 at 17:45, David L <david4lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have dozens of profiles and I simply want to have them seamlessly work in
> the same computer when using an alternate boot partition. There is no reason
> that the use of the cloud should be necessary to share data on the same
> computer

Yes, there is, and you answer this yourself later in your post.

This is why:

> First, sharing the profile by sharing the user-data-dir doesn't work for
> passwords.


> Second, when I went back to 16.10

Do you mean 17.10?

> (because some things are still
> broken for me in 18.04)

You are apparently attempting to run an unfinished pre-release OS. Don't.

> and ran chrome on one of the profiles that I had
> used from 18.04, it said the profile was broken because it had been used by
> a newer version of chrome.

Don't do that, either.

>  So the safe thing to do it copy the user-data-dir
> rather than symlink, but neither symlinking nor copying user-data-dir works,
> so the question of copy vs symlink is moot.

No, the safe thing to do is _not_ to try to second-guess Google's data
storage and muck around with it.

The safe thing to do is leave Google's storage well alone and use the
sync tools that Google has given you to resolve your issue.


> Somewhere outside of
> .config/google-chrome and user-data-dir profile directories there is some
> configuration info that has passwords or enables the passwords to work and
> that's the configuration info that I'm looking for.

And that is *why* what you're trying to do is a bad idea.

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