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Re: freezing problems

lee_connell wrote:
> I am using centrino, 512mb, ati mobility 9200 laptop.
> The freeze did it when i was using firefox, when i was navigating the
> gnome menu, while a screensaver was on, while i was watching a dvd.
> I am always logged into gnome.
> My system just locks up and my harddrive light stays solid no activity
> and i can't use the keyboard or the mouse.  Have to shutdown cold.  

OK: sounds a bit like what I experienced. So can you answer the
questions I asked Paulo:

> Which driver are you using?
> If you don't know how to tell, can you open a terminal, type in
> grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf
> and post the results?

and try what I suggested in

I've got my machine stable, so I'm sure we can get yours stable, unless
you've got hardware that's slightly broken.



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