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If the SW distribution is from a live CD/install CD, then the system
data does not have to be backed up, of course. Only the configuration
data, (about a dozen small files,) has to be backed up, plus what
folks add and their home directories. I personally remaster the
install CD the way I want it-as a standard for all the machines I
run-and maintain a floppy of the configuration files for each
individual machine, so any machine can be brought up from a cold HD in
about 10 minutes; then rsync(1) all the other stuff from the backup
machine for user's directories, etc., for a complete restore.

One of the advantages of Linux/Ubuntu/Knoppix.

Its a disaster recovery technique that has worked well for me over the
years, YMMV.



John Conover, conover@xxxxxxxxx, http://www.johncon.com/