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Monitors will not go into standby

On 06/06/2018 11:33 AM, Tony Arnold wrote:

> Do you mean the type of cable or quality/features of cable? I have 2
> monitors. One is on display port and the other is DVI. Neither of them
> go into power save mode.

They make DVI cables that are fully wired with a decent gauge wire, and 
they also make them with only a bare minimum wires and not all pins are 

Theres various ways to make monitors sleep, and one way is using the 
wiring. A way to rule things out would be to try a quality VGA cable, if 
the vid card/monitor support it.

Another might be a try a different brand of DVI cable that appears to to 
have all wires/pins actually connected properly.

I cant speak to Display Port. The connector reminds me of a usb cable, 
where the video/audio signal must be sent serially? I haven't researched 

Maybe the OS expects VGA and the signaling its using is not compatible 
with DVI or Display Port. Maybe the type of signaling can be adjusted.