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setup of 18.04


I have just upgraded to 18.04

I currently have two issues that I am having some trouble restoring

a) I have a static IP on my ethernet adapter

     I can set the DNS servers ok but I cannot see howto set the search 
pass parameter ,

      which was so easy to set in 16.04

b) I like to run various virtual windows

     I have two monitors

     currently only on of the monitors is in a particular virtual window

     the other monitor is visible to all the virtual windows

     I want to put both monitors in a particular virtual window

     and then move from virtual window to virtual window

     like I could do so effortlessly in 14.04 & 16.04

I regret to inform that it is not easy to see how to restore the system 
to the state it was in before

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Ian Taylor
University of St.Andrews,
School of Physics & Astronomy,
North Haugh,
Fife  KY16 9SS,

e-Mail :-iat at st-and.ac.uk
Tel    :- (0)1334-463141
Fax    :- (0)1334-463104

The University of St Andrews
is a charity registered in
Scotland : No SC013532.

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