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trackpad issues in Ubuntu 18.04? (NOT new click behavior)

No one responded to this, but eventually I got annoyed enough to bang
at for a while (I actually don't use this laptop very often or it would
have been a LOT sooner).

It ended up that even though I upgraded from Ubuntu 17.10 which was set
to use GNOME on Xorg, when I upgraded to 18.04 it apparently switched
me to GNOME on Wayland.  Which is odd because I thought that Wayland
wasn't on by default in 18.04 anyway.

Once I switched back to GNOME on Xorg, the trackpad works properly

On Fri, 2018-05-11 at 07:52 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> I upgraded my Macbook Pro II from Ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04 (not reload
> from scratch). This is a native install of Ubuntu (dual boot with
> MacOS). Ubuntu 17.10 had no issues at all. For 18.04 things seem
> mostly fine except for one fairly infuriating problem: my trackpad
> now "freezes" while I'm dragging it.
> If I move the cursor around (dragging with one finger) at some point
> (sometimes almost immediately, sometimes after a few seconds) it will
> freeze in place and won't move anymore, until I pick up my finger and
> put it back down again. That's annoying enough, but when I'm trying
> to drag-select text this just unworkable: it often fails to get
> through the entire drag-selection without freezing and I have to
> start over.
> Note I have always been using the Mac-style trackpad and this is not
> (as far as I can tell) related to the new change regarding mouse
> click areas. This happens when I'm not clicking, just moving the
> cursor.
> It also _feels_ like sometimes keyboard holds are freezing as well;
> for example if I'm holding down CTRL-ALT and using arrow keys to move
> between desktops I think sometimes I lose keyboard inputs. This I'm
> not sure about though, it doesn't happen often enough. It could just
> be I chorded the keys wrong or something. The trackpad issue is
> absolutely real and easily reproducible.
> I've kind of lost track of what packages are involved here and I've
> searched for similar issues but found nothing. Also I see nothing of
> interest in journalctl output etc. If anyone has ideas or pointers
> I'm interested.