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Monitors will not go into standby

I'm running 18.04 with the vanilla Gnome desktop. I have an AMD R460 graphics card using the open source drivers that come with Ubuntu (amdgpu) and 2 Illiad ProLite B2483HS monitors.

The problem is that the monitors do not go into standby or power save mode when system is idle. If I lock the screen, I get the screen lock background picture which stays there forever. I'd like the monitors to go into stand by mode after a given time.

If I just leave the system for a while, I get a blank screen with the cursor, but still ni power save on the monitors.

I can't see anything in the settings either for Power or DIsplay where I can configure standby/power save mode for the monitors.

I've googled this as much as I can but have not found a solution.

Anybody any ideas on how I can fix this one?



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