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Newly installed UbuntuMATE 18-04 does not boot

The first steps of troubleshooting could be

1. Run a LINUX from a live media, e.g. an Ubuntu Mate 18.04 live DVD,
   by choosing the option to test Ubuntu Mate without installing it.

2. After the session started, open a terminal.

3. Run
   sudo gparted

4. In the right upper corner of the gparted window is a selection box.
   Select one drive after the other, perhaps you could see, that
   something already is installed.

5. Run

5. Mount all partitions, caja does provide mount options, but you not
   necessarily get access to all directories, since the live DVD default
   user might have UID 1001 and the /home/* of the installed user might
   be owned by 1000, but there's no need to access /home/*. However, if
   you want to acess it, run
   sudo caja
   sudo -i
   and take a look by using command line only.

If you should see an installed Linux, e.g. run

cat /media/u*mate/*/etc/os-release


cat /mount/point/etc/os-release

the next step could be installing grub (not the packages, but the bootloader
to the drive).