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18.04 = circular login problem on system freeze

On 07/11/2018 04:14 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 at 00:05, Jim <jf_byrnes at comcast.net> wrote:
>> My experience is exactly the opposite. I upgraded my laptop from Ubuntu
>> 16.04 to 18.04 and in limited use have seen no problems.
> I upgraded my testbed machine to 17.10 and I was surprised at how well
> GNOME picked up my Unity settings -- even adding Unity indicators
> (weather, system monitor, etc.) in weird distorted but running forms.
> I just don't like GNOME 3. I don't see why I should switch between
> separate "activities" and normal views -- my mental workflow doesn't
> work like that. I don't run one app per virtual desktop -- I have 2
> big monitors on all my desktop machines, home and work, and I use
> window management to track stuff. I only use virtual desktops on
> laptops. I found GNOME's multi-monitor support significantly lacking:
> *I* choose where my top panel, dock and desktop switcher go, not my
> desktop's programmers, but with GNOME, I can't. Dock and switcher must
> be on the same desktop, putting one of them slap in the middle of my
> workspace where I don't want it. I use title bars a lot -- I don't
> just move stuff, I send-to-back and roll things up and so on. Can't on
> GNOME 3, or it's harder and needs tweaks.

I haven't used it much yet but I am sure I would end up agreeing with 
you. I don't like how they keep arbitrarily removing functionality on 
what seems like a whim.

> If I could use dash-to-panel to merge the dock thing and the top panel
> /and put it on one side/ like I do on Windows, it might be OK, but the
> developer doesn't support that -- it's top or bottom only.
> So I switched to Xfce and it handles it well. Not perfectly, there are
> wrinkles, but it works, better than Maté, better than Cinnamon, better
> than KDE, and in a more customisable way than LXDE. LXQt isn't ready
> -- I tried it, too.
> Budgie can do it but very clumsily and clunkily. I must admit, I do
> not see the point of Budgie -- it doesn't do anything other desktops
> can't do better.
>> On the same laptop I upgraded Mint 18 with Cinnamon to Mint 19. After
>> the upgrade completed and rebooted Cinnamon crashed and popped up a
>> dialog saying it had crashed and I was in fallback mode. At this point I
>> did have a very basic looking but usable desktop.
> Yeah, I've seen that too. At least when it falls over, it gets back up
> and keeps limping along.
> Cinnamon suffers the penalty of being a fork. It's forked off what's
> now an old version of GNOME 3. Keep current will be a problem for
> them.
> If they can persuade the Xfce and Maté developers to share the same
> set of accessory apps -- the XApps suite -- then that will take a
> significant maintenance burden off all 3 of them.
>> I did some googling and found other people with problems also. They were
>> talking about waiting for a kernel update to fix it.
> I blame driver issues, but this is just a guess.
>> This laptop doesn't have anything important on it so i googled and found
>> out how to add Mate along side Cinnamon. Mate seems to run fine, now I
>> can only boot to Mate even if I choose Cinnamon.
>> I noticed a couple of things after the Mint upgrade. About 10 seconds
>> after I choose Mint at the grub menu the screen turns purple and the
>> words Ubuntu 19 are centered on it.
> *Ubuntu* 19? Not *Mint* 19? Typo?
Not a typo on my part. It says Ubuntu 19 on a typical ubuntu colored 
>> It then takes about 3 and a half minutes to get to to the login prompt.
> Seems like a long time.

It does. When I boot to Ubuntu it is much much quicker.

>> Once I get a chance I will remove Cinnamon and see if that improves things.
> If you can, I'd nuke and reinstall.

I think I will wipe out Cinnamon first and see what that does. I may 
give Xfce  a try. I briefly ran it years ago.

Regards, Jim