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Kernel Panic after changging kernel from 2.4.** to 2.6.11

Hello!! Although i am using Knoppix. i think you may help me to solve my
problems. My knoppix kernel is 2.4.** and i want to change it to 2.6.11,
As i know, both knoppix and unbuntu are using cloop to load compressed
Bellow are my operation step:
1. chroot to my Knoppix's Linux source code
2. modify /etc/apt/source.lst
3. apt-get update
4. apt-get install kernel-image-2.6.11**, apt-get install
kernel-source-2.6.11** and ln -s kernel-source** linux in /usr/src
5. apt-get source cloop-utils
6. go to cloop's source code and compile cloop.
**** after make KERNEL=/usr/src/linux, it creates cloop.ko, i check its
Makefile, when kernel is 2.6.* , cloop will create cloop.ko but not cloop.o
7. get boot.img and mount boot.img *** -t msdos -o loop
8. get miniroot.gz and uncompress it, then cp cloop.ko
9. gzip -9 miniroot and cp miniroot.gz **/, also cp /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.11
"boot.img's mouting directory"/vmlinuz
10 put boot.img back to the original place and rm .bash_history
11. mkisofs***
12 try the iso in Vmware, but the error message is :

Uncompressing Linux... OK, booting the kernel.
PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 0000:00:07.1
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
unknown-block(254, 0)

and hang~~~.
thx very much!!!!