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How to report a problem with a flatpax?

The problem I had was on my laptop after I had updated the Mint 
partition to 18.3. I hope this not considered off topic.

I decided to try out a flatpax installation, so I installed the GnuCash 
flatpax version. It installed and ran fine, but I got an error when I 
clicked on a help topic. Turns out there is a separate docs package that 
was not installed. I went back to Software Manager and installed it the 
normal way but help still didn't. I assume because the flatpax version 
was isolated from the system. I uninstalled the flatpax version and 
installed the normal way and now everything works.

So how do I report the missing docs from the GnuCash flatpax? I looked 
on the flatpax website, unless I missed it, did not see a way to report 
problems with packages.

Regards,  Jim