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Really dark drop down lists?

Am Sonntag, den 28.01.2018, 17:34 +1100 schrieb Karl Auer:
> At some point in the past few weeks (? not sure when it happened) the
> colour on some drop-down lists has changed to a dark grey on a dark
> background - almost impossible to read. It's not ALL drop-downs, just
> some. An example would be the save-as formats list in LibreOffice.
> - choose "save-as" in any Libre-Office tool
> - drop down the formats list
> - see the colors
> I'm not sure when this happened or what I can do about it - where
> would
> this colour be defined? I assume it's somewhere in the Ambience
> theme,
> but I have no idea where to look...
> Using 16.04 on AMD64 fully updated.
this is likely 

...which is fixed in 5.2.4 you could either start libreoffice with
"SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk" in the environment (to force gtk2 usage)

or you could use the snap package instead of the 5.1 deb ... 

in any case you should file an ubuntu bug, i'm sure the ubuntu
libreoffice maintainer wants to know abut it (and probably backport the
fix to the deb) ;)

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