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ldconfig.real -i generates a segmentation fault

Am Donnerstag, den 25.01.2018, 23:52 -0800 schrieb Hugo Rabson:
> On the NanoPi Neo 2-specific distro of FriendlyCore, which is derived
> from Ubuntu Core, typing...
> # ldconfig.real -i
> â?¦generates a segmentation fault. This happens with the two different
> â??Coreâ?? images (one supports an OLED unit; one does not). It does not
> happen with the two Armbian images that I tested.
> Oddly enough, ldconfig works if I run ldconfig.real without ignoring
> the auxiliary cache (without â??-iâ??).
> It may be a build-specific issue, affecting FriendlyCore but not
> Ubuntu Core.

please note that FriendlyCore is not even remotely based on or related
to UbuntuCore. 

UbuntuCore [1] (the actual rolling release of Ubuntu) is a completely
snap package based Distribution (no dpkg, no apt, all system specifics
and packaging is managed by the "snap" command, kernel, bootloader, the
rootfs and all apps are delivered as snap packages), you would not run
anything like ldconfig.real on it (the rootfs is readonly, application
snaps would not re-generate the linker cache on-device, linking happens
all on the build host where you run "snapcraft" to create snap packages
of your apps source tree)

UbuntuCore images for the nanopi neo and air can be found at [2].

FriendlyCore seems to be something home-assembled from a manual
debootstrap run, some configuration scripts they wrote and a selection
of Qt packages they added to this. I'd recommend asking on their forum
(if they have one) when you have problems with this installation
(nobody here will know what modifications they made to the installed
packages and configuration).

In case you have actual questions about UbuntuCore, the place to go is
[3] (under the "device" category)


[1] https://www.ubuntu.com/core
[2] http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/all-snaps/daily/current/
[3] https://forum.snapcraft.io
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