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99.3 for Ubuntu

I'm trying to build 99.3 for Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I had no problems
building 99.2 with pbuilder. When downloading the source I got

pull-lp-source clamav
pull-lp-source: Downloading clamav version 0.99.3~beta1+dfsg-2ubuntu1
pull-lp-source: Downloading clamav_0.99.3~beta1+dfsg.orig.tar.xz from
archive.ubuntu.com (5.611 MiB)
pull-lp-source: Downloading clamav_0.99.3~beta1+dfsg-
2ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz from archive.ubuntu.com (0.207 MiB)

whereas with 99.2 I got the non-beta source files. I figured I'd go
ahead and build the beta, I could always upgrade to the non-beta
version. When attempting to build I got the errors shown here but as I
pasted at the bottom of the paste file I have all the dependencies


Any advice would be appreciated.

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