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Dbus daemon Issues


This past summer I upgraded all of our 12.04 LTSP Servers to a clean install of 16.04. As in the past, I added the following to the /etc/init/dbus.conf file, limit nofile 65334 65334, right above the expect fork line. Even with that in the dbus.conf, I have been having issues when a large number of users\sessions are logged in causing the dbus-daemon to spike the CPU to 100% and stop responding to calls. This then prevents any new users from logging in successfully. Have any of you experienced this issue as well? Is there another file(s) in 16.04 that need to be edited? I've google searched multiple times and went multiple pages in the results without any luck. Any advice or insight is appreciated.



Jeff Donaldson
Technology Director
Newark Charter School
jeff.donaldson at ncs.k12.de.us
(302) 369-2001 ext: 625
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