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What to use for browser flash support?

Am Sonntag, den 21.01.2018, 18:30 -0500 schrieb Robert Heller:

> If you are willing to "jump ship" WRT x86-flavored processors, 64bit
> quad core
> Raspberry Pis (PI 3) cost only US$35.00. Yes, you need a class 10
> microSd card
> (US$15), a power supply (US$10), + keyboard, mouse, and monitor (any
> modern TV
> with a HDMI input will do), but still, this is a very cheap system.

except ... well ... you do really not want to run a 64bit arm OS on a
system with 1GB RAM. 

arm64 binaries do by design allocate a lot more ram... running a
minimal ubuntu (based on the ubuntu-base tarballs or ubuntu-core) on a
pi3 in armhf (32bit) consumes about 42MB for the idling system ... 
the same setup in arm64, with the same binaries running consumes
between 60 and 80MB... while the pi has a powerful CPU and all, it is
what it is ... a leftover stock part from a failed settop-box project
... and settop boxes typically do only need enough ram for video
playback and caching...

the pi is great for IoT projects, NAS, mini webservers and such, no
doubt, but you wont replace an x86 desktop/server (with SATA and
gigabit ethernet on dedicated controllers) PC class system with
something that runs all its peripherials (including wifi and ethernet)
through a single USB 2.0 hub

if you actually want to replace an x86 desktop/server PC with arm64,
you would better go with something like [1]. But that also brings you
into the respective price class ... 


[1] http://socionextus.com/pressreleases/linaro-gigabyte-and-socionext-
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