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What to use for browser flash support?

On 21 January 2018 at 23:33, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
> You must remember that there are many users who CANNOT AFFORD a new computer
> and must rely on an old one. It is good that 32-bit Linux continues to
> exist, even in old versions, so that these machines can still be used. For
> some people they are their only lifeline.

My last 3 PCs in London before I switched to laptops on moving to the
Czech Republic were all 64-bit multi-core machines, and all were free

The last, a Core 2 Quad Extreme, came off my local Freegle group.

Try it.


64-bit hardware came out _fifteen years ago_ with the AMD Opteron in 2003.

We're not talking marginal low-end PCs. We're talking antiques.

I had 2 PCs I built in the carcases of original IBM PC-ATs in about
1998 or so. (I wish I'd preserved the ATs now --  today, they're

When I built them, the cases were the only useful part. Because the
PCs were some 15 years old, and were not low-end, they were doorstops.
A 6MHz or 8MHz 80286 in the era of the Pentium II and Super Socket 7
chips and Windows 98. These machines maxed out at 16MB of RAM -- not
GB, MB -- and could just barely run Windows 2. They were not capable
of Web access at all.

A first-generation 64-bit PC _now_ is as old and clapped-out as an IBM
PC AT was 15 years ago.

Sad but true.

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