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[no subject]

Using Hoary.

I tried to get GDM to display a background image when it loads Gnome,
instead of just a plain colour, or a black screen. But it doesn't work,
all I see is the plain colour, no pic.
This the GDM settings panel, did I do anything wrong ?

Or do I misunderstand what GDM means by "background pic".

Or cold the problem be that the pic in question is in a user "home"
directory ? Could this somehow make the pic unavailable to GDM ? Is the
pic supposed to reside in  /root ?
I can't see why there would be such a limitation, and the file choser
didn't prevent me from entering my /home directory, so I thought it was
happy with it.
So, I am starting to think this is a bug ? 
Can anyone set a background pic in Hoary ?? :-/