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synaptic on 17.10

On 1 February 2018 at 19:28, Ralf Mardorf <silver.bullet at zoho.com> wrote:

> Ok, synaptiy not necessarily is needed, some users for good reasons are
> just used to it. I'm using command line and a browser with the Ubuntu
> package search and since I'm a long time Linux user, this is all I
> need as well as the most comfortable way to go for me. When I was a
> Linux novice synaptic was my favoured package managment apps for Debian
> and Debian alike distros, such as Ubuntu.
> Is there a good alternative to gparted? Are Wayland users or Ubuntu
> maintainers forced to use dirty workarounds, to be able to run the
> probably best partition GUI app?

Use the X login instead. This is going to be the default login in the LTS
version for the next two years anyway.

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