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synaptic on 17.10

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 08:01:25PM +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:

> I only use it to browse what's available, and that's not often; I'm
> perfectly happy using apt for day-to-day updates and installation.

If all you do is browse the packages, Software Center is far prettier.  
Synaptic is broke in more than a few ways, but hopefully the upstream 
developer fixes it - Columns widths aren't sticky either.
> Perhaps there is a lesson in there for the designers and authors of other
> interfaces to package management, as to what users actually want to see on
> the screen; and at the two extremes, how much ancillary bloat or how much
> bare-bones leanness they are prepared to put up with.

I hardly think users on these lists are representative of most Ubuntu users.  
Software Center is the default, and power users can use the command line.  
Synaptic isn't even installed by default.