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Blatant self-plug, and a question

On Monday, April 30, 2018 7:42:51 AM MST you wrote:
> Is there any progress on an unofficial Unity remix? The only one I can find
> for 18.04 hasn't updated since February.
> I'm considering rolling my own.
> On which note, is there any way to upgrade an existing 16.04 install and
> *not* get GNOME?

I think going to Gnome was the right decision. Having used the new LTS (as 
well as the POP_OS variant) I think it is good right out of the box for the 
average user. I would feel comfortable giving it to my mother and grandmother 
as is without tweaks.

That said, you can still install Unity on a fresh 18.04 install. I believe 
upgrading from 16.04 does not remove Unity.

$ sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop

During install it will ask if you want to switch your display manager from 
gdm3 to lightdm. For Unity, lightdm is probably the way to go.