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Data Loss

Hi all. While I was making a boot usb key using ubuntu xenial, don't 
know what happened, but the default program erased my external hd 
toshiba 1T. I'm rather sure that I did not tell the program to work upon 
it, but anyway this is not the question. I tried to recover the data 
inside the hd using Gparted, Testdisk and Photorec, but the only 
opportunity they give me is to copy an image of the hd. The problem is 
that they don't allow me to copy it in a different external disk, but 
only in the internal, that is 1T too.

I know that there are technicians that can make it, but can't now spend 
300â?¬ for it, and I don't trust the solution using microsoft software.

Could someone help me suggesting some other solution?