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Linux substitute for Dreamweaver

On 04/21/2018 01:10 PM, Grizzly via ubuntu-users wrote:
> 21 April 2018  at 10:42, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> Re: Linux substitute for Dreamweave (at least in part)
>> On 04/21/2018 09:40 AM, Grizzly via ubuntu-users wrote:
>>> 21 April 2018  at 9:23, walt wrote:
>>> Linux substitute for Dreamweaver (at least in part)
>>>> Hello all:
>>>> He is using Dreamweaver for this purpose
>>>> and hasn't been able to find a Linux based alternate.  What can I tell
>>>> him to do?
>>> Use a plain text editor <G>
>> What a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that?
> I "had" DreamWeaver on my system for a while but found I only used it "IF"
> there was a feature I didn't know how to code, so I took up a lot of (disk)
> space for no real gain, I could just as easy Google for that feature, and when
> I did try to use it to make a compleate page, that page was huge compeared to
> my plain text editor, If he really needs DW would it not run under Wine?
> It seems that if he does not have version CS3 (9) or CS4 (10) of DW all other
> versions work to at least the silver level (whatever that means) see
> https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=183
> that would at least mean he has software he is familia with

Or maybe use a VM to run windows and Dreamweaver. That's how I use 
TurboTax to do my taxes.

Regards,  Jim