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wrong icon

On Thu, 5 Apr 2018, 06:55 rikona, <rikona at sonic.net> wrote:

> Running 16.04 fully updated. A while back I had a problem where
> programs would "disappear" when minimized. At that time I got a number
> of good suggestions and workarounds on this list that made it mostly
> work correctly. Thank you all again. Since then I have seen something
> else that made it look like they disappeared. What happens is that,
> when minimized, they are associated with an icon on the left vertical
> column that has NO RELATIONSHIP to the running program. The small white
> triangle does appear on that icon, and when clicked brings back the
> minimized program. Program A always goes to the same unrelated icon Z -
> it is not random.

Generally that would be a bug in that program. I suggest reporting it using
ubuntu-bug package-name.


> My question is how do I associate a program with the CORRECT icon in
> the left vertical column so that it minimizes to the CORRECT icon and
> not some strange unrelated icon? Most programs are correctly
> associated, but a few are not. Some that still seem to disappear might
> possibly be associated with an icon that perhaps is not in the left
> vertical column.
> All info much appreciated.
> Thanks
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