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The print job from hell... :(

On 28 September 2017 at 17:15, Brian <brian at patandbrian.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My wife's PC (running Debian Wheezy) has our Laserjet attached, and I
> can access it from my PC (running Ubuntu 16 LTS) as a shared printer.
> I printed a PDF yesterday, but now every time we turn the printer on,
> it starts printing that same PDF again!
> I've looked at the print queue on my PC - it's empty. I've looked at
> the print queue on Pat's PC, it's also empty. I've tried switching the
> printer off, I've tried cancelling the job on the front panel of the
> Laserjet. NONE of these things work. Each time we switch the printer
> on, the damned job starts printing again!
> Can anybody tell me how/where to nuke it and so make the printer
> usable again?

First I suggest disconnecting the printer from the network and
powering it up. If it still tries to print then the issue is within
the printer. If it does not print, but tries again when you connect
the network then it is one of the PCs doing it. Once you know which
(and which PC) then the problem will at least be clearer.


> Thanks!
> Brian.
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