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Upgrade to 17.04 gnome-flashback issue

29 October 2017  at 6:19, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
Re: Upgrade to 17.04 gnome-flashbac (at least in part)

>It depends on the used PPA, if already installed third party software
>has got impact on official packages or not. It even depends on the
>PPA's packages, if they are upgraded or not, e.g. if a package is
>available by a PPA and by official packages or not by official packages.

>The issue you experience might have nothing to do with the used PPAs,
>but actually your install is a tainted install. That there's no
>difference with or without PPAs enabled means nothing at all. 

Nieve question, if one (test) user can run and the main user can't, are PPA's 
likely issues?