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> You might also want to keep in mind that most of us are moving away
> from WinDOZ, and are only too glad to do so,...
Glad to hear that.  I, for one, used to be a Windows user (about 6 years

> ...and while you come across as a Linux "expert"...
I'm definitely not an expert!  But I like the sound of it ;)

> ...keep in mind (which can be difficult for some - I've seen it too
> many times before) that not all of us who are moving over to Linux are
> computer "experts" but in large measure, we do know what we're talking
> about when it comes to our own use and applications of this
> microcomputers.
True, and again, wise words I'll keep in my mind in the future.  I faced
the same problems before when I needed help for something I don't know
about much, yet, I get answers that appears to be more difficult and
frightening than the problem itself!  Sometime, I still get that.

> As with Ubuntu, Evolution has clear promise, which may explain why
> Novel paid so much for the rights to it.
True, and again, happy to hear that.

Now, I would like to explain why I send the previous message:
        When you talked about ASCII format and that Evolution doesn't
        have a clear way of supporting it, the first thing that pops in
        to my mind is that this person (you) have a backup of his/her
        emails in mbox format since this format is:
              * in ASCII
              * the default mail format for email applications
              * and the format I *myself* use to backup my own emails
        that he/she wants to import to Evolution but don't know how.
        That's why I sent that message.  So, in the light of this
        explanation, sorry if you thought I was mocking you or trying to
        offend you.