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Re: Help please: Sudden System Shutdown on Powerbook underHoary.....

On Wed, 1969-12-31 at 23:59 +0100, Rainer Gutkas wrote:

Wow, thats an old post! :)

> Hi all!
> I was just on my way to writing an request to the ubuntu mailing list=20
> when my powerbook just did power down out of nowhere. The poweradaptor =

> was connected and the accu was full, so I don't know why it did this,=20
> probably a software issue? I've read on debian mailing list some weeks =

> ago that there was lot's of trouble with pbbuttons,.... I don't know=20
> what could this be, so the notebook wasn't even hot or anything, I =
> worked for about 10 minutes....
> So since than bonobo won't start up, with the side effect that =
> can't start and all the desktop plugins, and so on. The whole desktop=20
> seems to be screwed up, screen resolution has changed.... I can't say=20
> what else in the system is screwed up. So wirelless lan still works, =
> Please help, I really don't know what to do!!!!! I wan't my beloved=20
> ubuntu back and if it's possible without reinstallation, as my backup=20
> server is in repair in the moment this could lead to big trouble...
> THX Rainer