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Gnome replaces Unity

Bret Busby schreef op 15-10-2017 19:24:

> So, generalisations, such as the ones above, to which I am responding,
> invalidate themselves and any associated arguments put by the
> generalisator.

You're wrong. I wish you people would really drop the air of superiority 

And I responded to my parents.

My parents don't know Windows.

For them Cinnamon would be better than KDE.

Unity would also be better than KDE.

If there is anyone currently not using a computer, then they are not 
tech-savvy, and are completely unlike you.

So your counter example is completely without merit.

Sure they could have gotten into computers using a Mac, or maybe a Linux 
device if properly set up and guided along the trail.

But for the vast majority of people they either get into computers using 
Windows, or not at all.

And some do via the Mac.

Kubuntu is not really all that different from Cinnamon either, but 

So even if my "generalisation" is only 95% correct, what good does it do 
for god's sake to mention the less than 1% that got into computers 
because they were avid tech people?????

The 'generalisation' was about non-tech-savvy users that are the target 
of Gnome 3.

So you fall *completely* outside of the boat of that.

Really. Just... stop it you know.

Always this denialist nonsense.