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Gnome replaces Unity

Paul Smith schreef op 14-10-2017 21:34:

> I don't know for sure.  But I believe they don't spend much time
> customizing at all.  My understanding is that Ubuntu GNOME is pretty
> much vanilla GNOME 3.

> How many think Cinnamon is the best?  How many think Mate is the best?
> Who knows?  Why does it matter?

Because if it's just 3, then your "real users out there" statement 
doesn't mean a lot.

> With my CSS tweak to minimize title bar height, it's great.

Sure I'll believe ya.

But what makes you think I care about desktop environments other than 
staying out of my way and facilitating my workflow?

> All my GNOME 3 systems have multiple displays and I have no problems.
>> - difficulty with changing audio device

That was a KDE issue...

> Oh right, that's the third GNOME extension I add: Gnome Shell Audio
> Output Switcher which adds an audio output selector into the system 
> menu
> so I don't have to open the control panel to do it.  Works great.

Seems good. But it needs to be added by default, you know.

> - a calendar that is hardly readable
> The calendar provided by the GNOME 3 panel seems quite readable to me,
> and it displays all my Google calendar appointments, both from my
> personal and work accounts, just fine.

Uh, yeah KDE again.

> The other items you mentioned I didn't understand.

Also KDE ;-).