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Linux Skype

i use both, the 4.xx linux and the new 5.xx in parallel

mostly I uses that old one, as it is display much terser.

however some things, like transferring files or images are much more 
comfortable in the the new  one.

for audio call i use the old version, as the new one does not work reliably.

perhaps it is the catch 22 situation you described, that hinders audioc 


and alltough the old version is said not to work anymore, it still works 

i installed it even on my laptop some two weeks ago.

As skype is not in the ubuntu repositories anymore, I had to use the 
ones from debian tough

On 13.10.2017 06:40, Karl Auer wrote:
> The new Skype Beta 5 for Linux looks OK, but doesn't work for me. Seems
> to connect, but no sound, no video, so it's hard to tell.
> And in a move truly worthy of their reputation, Microsoft has chosen to
> make the audio and video settings available only when you have *already
> started* a call. If the connection does not succeed, you have no chance
> to adjust the settings.
> Am I missing something, or is this the most braindead idea since the
> noise-operated volume control?
> Regards, K.